In this episode, I was joined by Mark Rendle to chat about his experiences live-coding/streaming on Twitch! Warning: We went on a lot of tangents during the conversation! It’s all good though - as they were all awesome tangents! We not only talked about streaming, but also Blazor, C#, Unity, the rate of tech advancement, teaching kids to code, and much more!

Mark’s Bio

Mark Rendle decided he wanted to be a programmer when he was 10, became a professional programmer when he was 16, and is still a programmer 30 years later. He worries that somebody is going to notice he’s having too much fun and make him stop. Right now he’s working on Visual ReCode, a tool for migrating .NET 4 WCF and Web API applications to ASP.NET Core 3.1. His hobbies include collecting jars of dark matter, high-altitude scuba diving, and making up stupid hobbies.

Links from the show