In this episode, I was thrilled to be joined by Matt Hunt to chat about using the CQS pattern to improve your codebase quality and help avoid writing those ‘Big Ball of Mud’ code-bases that sadly we see way too often in our industry!

CQS (Command Query Separation) is a pattern that states that a method should either be a command that performs an action or a query that returns data, but not both. This approach promotes a clear separation of concerns, improves readability, and can lead to more maintainable and scalable codebases.

Matt has nearly 20 experience in software development starting when VB5 and Classic ASP were his bread and butter. He has a history of working in the finance and services industry and is skilled in C#, Azure, DevOps, Distributed Systems, Microservices Architecture and Agile Methodologies. Now working as a contract developer and trying to be the best he can be and make cool stuff.

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