In this episode, I was honoured to be joined by Mads Torgersen, Dan Roth, and Scott Hunter!!! 🤯 We chatted about Blazor in .NET 8; C#12 interceptors, C#13, C#36 (you have to listen 😉), source generators, discriminated unions, AOT, and Stephen Toub’s performance blog posts!

Mads, Dan, and Scott all work for Microsoft, and are heavily involved in .NET. Mads is the Lead Designer of C#, Dan is Product Manager on the ASP.NET Team for Blazor, and Scott is the VP of Product, working on the Azure Dev Experience team.

👉 A big thank you to TrackJS for sponsoring this episode! 🙏 TrackJS makes finding and fixing client-side errors simple - automatically detecting bugs on your website and giving you a clear view of how the user got to the error.

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